The beautiful yet frustrating world of realtime hair

30 January 2018

I've always been fascinated by how people figure out proper ways to do realtime hair in games. Because to be honest, for many years we didn't have anything fancy when it came to hair -and i'm sure things will only get better.

I've done a couple of characters with hair in the past but I was never fully happy with it. So in my free time I decided to do the below test to polish my realtime hair workflow. I learnt a lot and took notes of things I should be careful about.
Things can get frustrating as you have to figure out what works best, but at the same time it's so satisfying seeing everything come together.

It could be pushed and cleaned up more but I'd like to stay on track and continue my studies on hair and other areas I feel I want to explore.

Next is a hairstyle using caps along with hair cards as opposed to pure hair cards. See you around space cowboys.

Overcoming my fear of Marvelous Designer

21 January 2018

Calling it a "fear" is probably an exaggeration but it looks good as a title so hey.

While I've been using MD for some time now, I always feel uneasy when I go to unknown territories as it seems easy for everything to fall apart on the program.

Having started working in elite3d, I met so many talented people that are comfortable in doing lot of things -one of these being Marvelous Designer. Therefore I feel it's my duty to get it together and get more familiar with different things in MD. Therefore, backpacks!

Here's a backpack I made last weekend, no Zbrush, pure MD. The goal was to see how far i can push the work without going to Zbrush. Of course in an actual pipeline, you'd hope into Zbrush, put stitches, zippers, memory folds, clean everything up and prepare it for retopo and texturing.

Next onto maybe some more backpacks, or some complex clothing work, cheers!